About Us

Sussex Christian School (SCS) was founded in 1982 and has been dedicated to providing an excellent, caring and student-centred education ever since. We offer a quality education for children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12. SCS students are nurtured in a way that helps create a confidence that prepares them to take their own special place in the world.


Thank you for your interest in Sussex Christian School! You will find SCS to be a place where Christian faith meets excellence in academics. I am excited about offering a program to the community and around the world that educates the “whole person”. Our teachers are innovative and excited about preparing our students for future success. Our school promises to be an extension of your family, academically and spiritually. We believe God entrusts children to families and it is our job to come alongside, not only to teach all academic subjects with excellence, but also to mold outstanding character.

I can’t think of a better school for students to attend in Canada. At SCS, we promote and deliver critical thinking skills, excellence in academics, travel programs for students 5-12, drama, athletics, biblical integration, chapel, and a deep care and concern for your child(ren). Students are courted to gain an understanding of the purpose that God has created them for and then we work to get them prepared for that journey.

SCS graduates go on to any post-secondary school and professions that they desire. Alumni have been invited and received scholarships from the University of New Brunswick, Crandall University, Kingswood University, Dalhousie University, Liberty University, New Brunswick Community College, Nova Scotia Agricultural College, Holland College, Houghton College, University of Toronto, St. Thomas University, University of Waterloo, and many more. Within these schools our students have studied law, early childhood education, computer science, journalism, education, biology, kinesiology, electrical, engineering, theatre, art, music, counselling, psychology, business, policing, paramedic training, nursing, theology, English, and agriculture. Sussex Christian School students are nurtured in such a way that they breed confidence and are being prepared to take their own special place in the world. Please let me know if we can assist you in any way.


Dr. Boyd-Mitchell, Principal

School Milk Program

We are offering the School  Milk Program again this year at Sussex Christian School! For more information, or to sign up, click the "Read More" button.

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Classes begin: 
at 8:15AM

Classes end at:
JK: 12:00PM
K-Grade 2: 2:00PM
Grade 3- Grade12: 3:00PM

School Office Hours:
8:00AM- 4:00PM


Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child(ren) to and from school. Transportation for school events will be arranged by the school. Local activities may involve parental transportation assistance.


Supervision of students ends at 3:15PM. Unless participating in a supervised after-school activity, parents are required to arrange for their pick-up prior to this time.


Each teacher will provide their students with a list of supplies that will be required. Parents are responsible to see that students have these items in a timely fashion.


School Apparel

Please review the school dress policy to ensure that your child(ren) has (have) the items that will be required for the school year. SCS logoed items can be obtained online through "entripy".



Hot lunch is served daily. Weekly menus are posted by the month and families may sign up through the on-line portal.

For more info about the hot lunch program see the Hot Lunch section below.


Hot lunch is served daily. Weekly menus are posted by the month and families may sign up through the on-line portal. Orders must be placed by 9 am on the Monday of the week before the menu week. Lunches will be invoiced to the family school account at the end of each month and may be paid by cash, cheque or e-transfer.

Families may also sign up to receive milk each day at lunch time (250 ml chocolate or white milk). Families who sign up will receive milk each day school is in session for the entire year and will be invoiced for the number of school days at the end of each month.

Instructions for Hot Lunch Program

Go to http://scs.hotlunches.net

  1. Click the "REGISTER" menu at the top right-hand corner to sign up. Our school code is: SCSlunch
  2. Enter your name, email address and phone (including area code), then a user id that you will use for access to the hot lunches application. Enter a password and then enter it again to verify that it is correct.
  3. Once registered, you will be logged into the website
  4. Please add your students by clicking on the "STUDENTS" button below or the "PROFILE" menu tab in order to proceed. Once your students have been added to the system you will be able to place lunch orders immediately by clicking the "Order" button below each child's name.