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At SCS Little Lights Early Learning Centre, we are dedicated to giving the best possible early education experience for your young learner. Our aim is to provide your child with a warm, safe, and caring atmosphere, with a commitment to strong Christian values. We believe that education is important even at an early age. Our goal is to learn through play and hands-on activities while giving the children a head start in their love of learning. Our purpose is to provide a program that will be exciting and stimulating for your child while providing a gentle “home-away-from-home” atmosphere. Our qualified staff offer your child the very best in early childhood learning. We desire that parents leave their child at SCS Little Lights feeling confident that they will be safe, cared for, and loved!

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Half Day Program

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Half Day Program

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Kindergarten to Grade 6

Our Afterschool Childcare provides a cozy, creative space for our students to relax after school. 

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About Us

SCS Little Lights Early Learning Centre’s purpose is that children will experience learning in a happy, exciting, and gentle atmosphere.Our goals are to help your child grasp concepts of letters, numbers, and the world around him through play and experiment; and to aid in building meaningful relationships. Our centre takes the stand of Biblical views, integrating stories from the Bible and Biblical songs into the learning experience.

Our activities will include play, reading, art, experiments, dramatic play, math, letters, and science, as well as outside play on a daily basis. The program is focused on learning and exploring through play, allowing flexibility in the routine to adapt to the children’s needs. SCS Little Lights follows the New Brunswick curriculum framework
The New Brunswick Curriculum Framework includes four main learning outcomes which include the following:

  • Well-Being – Children experience safe and caring environments where their emotional and physical health, positive identities, and sense of belonging are nurtured and protected.
  • Play and Playfulness – Children experience open and flexible environments where playful exploration, problem solving, and creativity are encouraged and purposefully planned.
  • Communication and Literacies – Children experience intellectually, socially, and culturally engaging environments where their communicative practices, languages, literacies, and literate identities are valued and supported.
  • Diversity and Social Responsibility – Children experience socially inclusive and culturally sensitive environments in which consideration for others, inclusive, equitable, democratic, and sustainable practices are enacted, and social responsibility is nurtured.

Under these main outcomes there are a number of daily practices. We provide an opportunity for our preschoolers to experience these practices through invitations and open-ended play. Our goal is to provide our preschoolers a safe and nurturing environment which prepares them forthe next step of their journey.

For full program details, please consult the Little Lights Early Learning Centre handbook.


How to Apply

Before applying to SCS Little Lights Early Learning Centre, please review the information in Little Lights Early Learning Centre Handbook:

  • Little Lights Early Learning Centre Handbook (Temporarily unavailable as it is currently being updated.)

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Waitlist Form

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Little Lights Fees

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*To be paid upon submission of Application form. Application fee is NOT refundable.

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Payment is due the Thursday before the week of service.





Mrs. MacKay our Director of Early Childhood Education and runs our Little Lights Early Learning Centre. Mrs. MacKay has a Diploma of Biblical and Theological Studies from NBBI as well as a B.A. in Christian School Education from Kingswood University. She has been involved with education for the past 10 years teaching at Christian Schools in both Portugal and Nova Scotia. Little Lights Preschool was directed and operated in Sussex by Mrs. MacKay for the past 8 years. The SCS newly renamed preschool, Sussex Christian School Little Lights Early Learning Center, brings Miss Naomi and her experience in preschool education to SCS.




Mrs. Gray is a graduate of NBCC where she received her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She works as the assistant director of SCS Little Lights Early Learning Center.




Mrs. Mowry’s education background includes LPN training and a Diploma of Biblical & Theological Studies from New Brunswick Bible Institute. She has been active as a volunteer teacher for children in church and camp settings since her teens. She joined the staff of Little Lights Preschool in 2014 as an Educator and Assistant. Since then she has taken two online courses related to Early Childhood Education.


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Miss Lee is a 2019 graduate of SCS and received an Early Childhood Education certificate from NBCC in June 2021. She realized her love for working with children after travelling to Belize for several summers to assist with children’s VBS programs and while completing a grade 12 co-op in our preschool. Miss Lee is an Early Childhood Educator in our Little Lights Preschool and works with the Afterschool program.



Mr. McVicar is a Graduate of NBCC where he received his certificate in Human Services. In addition Aaron graduated from Kingswood University where he graduated with a B.A. in ministry with a double minor in Christian Counselling and Children’s Ministry. He is also the assistant pastor at Center Point Wesleyan Church. When he is not working he can be found cheering on his two favourite teams the Cleveland Browns and the Montreal Canadiens.