Sussex Christian School offers a vibrant, caring, nurturing and highly academic program for students who want to study on the East Coast of Canada. Students needing additional English language assistance are educated and cared for by qualified and loving professional ESL staff and quickly feel comfortable in our small, caring environment.

International students will find acceptance, care, a non-threatening social and academic environment, and wonderful east-coast hospitality. SCS offers international students small classes and the ability to grow and develop at a very comfortable pace.

International students are fully integrated into regular academic classes and have the option of special ESL instruction as per their individualized educational plan. As well, after-school tutoring is available for all international students.

A comprehensive guidance program tracks students and assists them with one-on-one counseling for university applications, scholarship applications, and other preparation. All students graduating from SCS are equipped and encouraged to apply to universities throughout Canada and the United States.

International Program Brochures

SCS offers both short-term ESL programming in January/February and July/August, and integrated ESL programming for Middle and High School students throughout the school year. The ESL program utilizes proven successful curriculum, technology, and methodology to ensure that each student is a successful learner.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

 SCS's ESL Program is integrative and individualized. Students are assessed and placed so that they will be successful in their academic and social lives. The program includes tutoring in reading, written and conversational English, as well as academic vocabulary. SCS employs teaching methods that combine traditional classroom instruction with interaction, innovation, and individual tutoring. ESL labs, concentration exercises, and practical learning experiences (field trips, student clubs, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities) all supplement the learning of English effectively.

SCS’s ESL Program specifically assists students to use spoken and written English to gather, interpret, and communicate information; to establish and maintain relationships; to make decisions, solve problems and plan/carry out projects; and be fully prepared for university success.

International Student Homestay Program

While studying at SCS, students are invited to be part of the SCS Homestay Program where they will be immersed in English through family living, and cared for by screened/SCS-approved homes located within minutes of the SCS campus.

Students are welcomed from all corners of the world to experience life in a small, rural, farming town that is English-speaking, recognized worldwide for its hospitality, and famous for family values that reflect the Christian values of SCS.

International Elementary Program

Parent Child Program

The International Elementary Program offered at Sussex Christian School includes rigorous academic study with guaranteed English improvement for every International student! International students will make wonderful friendships with welcoming Canadian students. At Sussex Christian School they will receive nurture and care from highly professional master teachers. 

SCS takes great care of our international mothers as well.  This fee also includes one major outing a month for moms and children such as cultural excursions, shopping, museums, and provincial park tours.  As well, this program provides mothers with one outing per week such as cooking classes, lunch outings, arts and crafts, ESL, local church events and other areas of personal interest. 

As a complimentary service, SCS will also assist all families with the tasks of finding housing, working out details with respect to insurance, transportation, banking, furnishings, connecting to community programs during the first month and any other areas of settlement help.