SCS has a number of activities that our students can participate in throughout the school year. We encourage our students to take part in extra-curricular activities as these activities help students to develop into well rounded individuals.


Organized Team Sports

SCS offers opportunities to play basketball, soccer, and volleyball competitively. These opportunities are available for students of varying ages.


SCS offers a regular skating program to elementary students throughout the winter as well as a number of skating opportunities for Junior and Senior High students.


SCS offers recreational swimming and/or physical training activities into the athletic curriculum at the local indoor pool.

Equestrian Program

Students may participate in a 10-Week riding program.

Snow Skiing

Poley Mountain Ski Resort is located about 20 minutes from SCS and offers day-long learning to ski events to local schools. Students from grades 5 to 12 at Sussex Christian School are able to participate in this program.


Three different drama productions round out the school year at SCS. Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in a spring musical drama; and students in grades 9 to 12 may audition for roles in a high school production, usually with multiple performances. There are places for students to exhibit their skills and interests on-stage or behind the scenes at each of these levels.


A series of awesome school trips are available for high school students. Over the four years from grades 9-12, students have the opportunity for a week-long trip to four different locations:
  • The New York City trip has a missions focus; the school partners with an established inner city mission which challenges students in a variety of ministry opportunities suited for them. Students also have opportunity to tour a variety of the well-known places that make up NYC.
  • The Pennsylvania trip has more of a cultural flavour. Students gain an exposure to the Amish culture while there. They also have the privilege of seeing a production at “Sight and Sound Theatre”, Broadway quality productions with a Biblical theme. A visit to an area biblical university is also part of the week.
  • The Montreal / Ottawa / Quebec City tour has a theme of Canadian history and government. A variety of iconic locations give students a feel for both English and French culture within Canadian history.
  • The Washington, DC trip provides a parallel experience to the Canadian tour, allowing students to be exposed to American history and government.

A trip for students in Grades 7 & 8 has recently been added to the curriculum. This trip is a three-day adventure. Currently, trips include Fortress Louisbourg in Cape Breton, NS and Quebec’s Magdalen Islands.

Students in Grades 4 to 6 enjoy a day trip each fall. A chartered bus experience may include such places as Minister’s Island (St. Andrews) or Grand Manan Island.


Students have the opportunity to participate in a number of groups that help develop and hone their leadership skills.

Spirit Club

Students in Junior and Senior High may apply to serve their fellow students through Spirit Club. This group may be involved in such things as organizing student activities for the annual Fall Festival and School Spirit weeks.

They also give leadership to the various special (full student body) chapels throughout the year. Select members of the Spirit Club have had an opportunity to join in a couple of bus trips involving younger students and invited senior guests from the community. The Principal also likes to have the opportunity to do a concentrated leadership training activity with members of this team.


Students who have an interest in photography and wish to practice their skills in design and layout may choose to be part of the Yearbook Committee. This committee plans photography of events in the life of the school, and organizes them into the published yearbook.

Worship Band

High School students who have a positive testimony for God, a talent in music and an interest in leadership may audition for the school Worship Band. Students participate in leading worship in some chapel services. Typically, they also participate in the annual Christian School Sunday, and the Graduation and Awards Ceremony.