You can Reduce School fees without costing you A Penny!

How do I start?

  1. Read the VIP information on this page then download and complete the registration form and submit it to the school office. 
  2. Then complete the order form submit it to the school office.

  3. VIP Registration Form

How do I place an order?

  1. Open the order form on your computer. 
  2. Enter the information.
  3. Save it to your computer.
  4. Print it off  or send it as an email attachment to the school office before the order date. Include a cheque or cash payment with paper form. If submitting  form via email you can pay by e-transfer but please submit e-transfer the day before the order date. (See "How do I get the gift cards?" section below for more info.)

  5. VIP Order Form

How does this program work?

  • SCS buys gift cards for local retailers from a distribution center at a discounted price.
  • Participants buy the cards from SCS at full face value and redeem them for full face value when they shop.
  • SCS gets the difference as revenue and the amount is applied to your designated account.

Who can participate in this program?

  • Anyone who buys food
  • Anyone who buys clothes
  • Anyone who buys gas
  • Anyone who gives gifts
  • Anyone who needs items for your home
  • Anyone who has prescriptions filled
  • Anyone who dines out

How do I get the gift cards cards?

There are two convenient ways to obtain your VISTA gift cards:

  1. Fill out an order form and and submit it to the school office before 9:00 am on the order date. Include a cheque or cash payment, or if paying by e-transfer, please submit transfer the day before the order date. Any orders received by that time will be available for pick-up within 3-5 business days.

  2. Purchase from school office - Limited local merchant cards in stock at SCS can be purchased at school office anytime during school office hours. Note:We ask you to please purchase no more than $200 per merchant per week from in-stock supplies.

What do I do now that I have the cards?

  • Use the cards for your everyday shopping - just use the cards as your method of payment.
  • Give the cards to friends and family for birthdays, Christmas or as a “just because” I can gift.

How much will I earn?

That depends on the cards you purchase and the amount that you purchase. You will be suprised how quickly your weekly shopping adds up.

Can I choose where the funds I raise go?

  • Participants may choose to designate where their profits go. You can choose one of the following options:
  • Reduce your own family school fees.
  • Reduce the school fees of a school family in the school.
  • The “Future Families” program - if you plan to enroll children in SCS in the future, you can set up an account now and have the 100% profit “banked” toward the future school fees.
  • Donate directly to SCS to help with the everyday operational costs of the school.