School Milk Program

Sussex Christian School is pleased to offer a milk program for families who choose to sign up for the program. 250mL cartons of either chocolate or white milk can be chosen. Those who sign up for the program will receive milk each full day that school is in session for the school year. You will be invoiced monthly to your school account at a cost of 60¢ per day per child.

Milk will be delivered to your child’s classroom at lunch time each day. If you wish to participate, please complete the form below or submit this pdf form

NOTE: If using the pdf form:
1) Complete the pdf and save it to your computer.
2) Send it as an attachment to the school office.

School Milk Form

First Student

Second Student

Third Student

Fourth Student

Parent's E-signature

I understand milk will be delivered to my child(sen)’s classroom(s) at lunch time each day and I will be invoiced monthly on my school account at a cost of 60 cents per day/per child.