• 2019-02-20

Garbage Bag Fundraiser
Feb 20th thru to March 11th 18th, 2019

Attention all students and parents, the garbage bag fundraiser is starting up today. Please stop into the office to pick up your forms.  If you want to help reduce the cost of your trip this is the way to go.  Each package contains 20 small green, 10 medium blue bags and 10 medium clear bags all for $10 each. The more you sell the more you get off your trip.  From my experience with our boys they have done extremely well and most of the time take $400 off there trips.  It is a big help in the costs.

The fundraiser will run from Today Feb 20th thru to March 11th 18th which is the Monday back from March Break.  We will tally up all the orders by the end of that week.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  The is the only option for selling the bags this Spring Season.  The combo pack is the only choice.

~Michelle Nice (amjtr@xplornet.ca)