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Mrs. Marsha Boyd-Mitchell

Mrs. Boyd-Mitchell is a product of Christian School education herself. Since graduating from Rothesay Baptist Christian School, she has earned a B.Sc. in Christian School Education and a Masters in Education and an Educational Specialist degree She is currently doing doctoral studies. She has been teaching since 1998 and has served as Principal of Sussex Christian School since 2001.



Mrs. Connie Moss

Mrs. Moss has a B.Ed. and has been teaching since 1985. She has been involved in Sussex Christian School since 1987 in a variety of capacities including teaching, classroom assistant, serving on Council, fund-raising and promotion, and administration. Mrs. Moss also currently teaches in the high school math department and shares the Grade 12 Homeroom with Mr. Cowper. She has three children, all of which have graduated from SCS and are now attending university.


Grade 12:

Mr. Steve Cowper

Mr. Cowper has a Bachelor of Science degree and joined the teaching profession in 2007. He is currently taking courses toward an MA in Education. Mr. Cowper anchors the High School Math & Science department and teaches the high school Apple Technology course, as well as Jr. High French. He is the staff advisor for the Yearbook Committee and is the school’s techie. He has assisted in coaching both soccer and basketball this year. He, along with his wife Sherry, also an SCS teacher, has two children enrolled at SCS.


Grade 11:

Mrs. Marissa Morton

Mrs. Morton is a graduate of Sussex Christian School and it is a privilege to now have her as part of the SCS teaching staff since 2012. Mrs. Morton has a BA in History and a B.Ed. Along with her Grade 11 Homeroom, she teaches High School English and Bible classes. Mrs. Morton also gives leadership to the school’s Worship Team.


Grade 10:

Mrs. Vicky Lee and Miss Jennifer Carruthers

Mrs. Lee’s formal training is in the medical field with an Associate Degree in Radiology, but her years of experience in volunteer work with young children as well as home-schooling her two oldest girls have helped round out her capabilities in the classroom as she works toward completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Christian School Education. Mrs. Lee gives leadership to high school students doing individualized electives. She also has taken TESOL training that has prepared her for assisting our foreign students in ESL.  In addition, Mrs. Lee is the teacher representative for the school’s Parent-Teacher Fellowship (PTF) organization. Mrs. Lee is the mother of four girls; the two oldest are graduates of Sussex Christian School and currently attending Kingswood University. Her two other daughters attend Sussex Christian School.


Miss Carruthers shares the Grade 10 Homeroom with Mrs. Lee and teaches high school history and government courses at SCS. She is a graduate of Bethany Bible College (now Kingswood University) with a BA in Religion (Global Ministry Major). She has her TESOL Certificate and taught ESL at SCS in 2011. Miss Carruthers worked in the Ukraine for 2½ years and Hong Kong for 9 months. She has traveled extensively: Mexico, Haiti, China, Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Italy, England and Moldova, and served for eight years as Resident Director of Women at Kingswood University. This variety of experience and ability have given her a unique lens through which to view the history that she teaches; as well as foundation of mentoring young people in a Biblical world-view.


Grade 9:

Miss Emily Cormier

Miss Cormier joined the SCS staff in 2012 and is currently the Grade 9 homeroom teacher. She teaches Grade 10 Bible, Algebra 1, Grade 12 Biology and Jr. High Math and Science. Miss Cormier also co-leads the SCS Spirit Club with Mrs. Alward. Miss Cormier has a BSc in Biology and a B.Ed. (Secondary) in Science and Math.


Grade 7-8:

Mrs. Pamela Alward

Mrs. Alward has earned a B.Sc. in Christian School Education, an M.A. in Education and an M.A. in Elementary Education. She began teaching in 1985 and her experience includes 13 years as Program Director of the Christian School Education program at Bethany Bible College. In the past she has served as a valuable advisor on the SCS School Council and the Administrative Team. Along with her current teaching responsibilities for Grades 7 and 8, Mrs. Alward co-leads the school’s Spirit Club. She is the mother of three boys, all currently attending SCS.


Grade 5-6:

Mrs. Andrea Sabean

Mrs. Sabean holds a BA in Drama in Education, a degree which focuses on using drama as a tool to engage students in the learning process across curriculum. She also holds a B.Ed. in Primary/ Junior Education. Mrs. Sabean has been teaching since 2002. Although originally from Ontario, she has spent the majority of her teaching years here in New Brunswick, working both at Kings Valley Wesleyan Church, and Touchstone Academy in Quispamsis before joining the SCS staff in 2013.


Grade 3-4:

Mrs. Sherry McCallum

Mrs. McCallum’s number of years serving on a volunteer basis in Christian School led her to bring her husband and two children from Yarmouth, NS to complete her Bachelor of Christian School Education. During the four years of study to receive her teaching degree, Mrs. McCallum faithfully volunteered at SCS while having her children enrolled at SCS. Upon receiving her degree in 2005, she was added to the part time staff at SCS. She has served as physical education teacher and girls’ basketball coach, as well as in the classroom. Currently, she is the Grade 3-4 teacher and is coaching the middle school soccer team this fall. Her son is a graduate of SCS.

Grade K-1:

Mrs. Vallerie MacCallum

Mrs. MacCallum has a BA in Christian School Education and is the mother of four children, all students at Sussex Christian School. Mrs. MacCallum did her internship at SCS a number of years ago and assisted with the music program. After a number of years in the states, in ministry with her husband, Pastor Rob MacCallum, they returned to Canada with their family.



Mrs. Debra Gray

Mrs. Gray has teaching experience at a variety of levels, as well as formal business training. Currently, she anchors the SCS Jr. Kindergarten program. She has completed the Provincial Curriculum Training for pre-school programs and is enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program.  Mrs. Gray has two grown children and one daughter who is currently in elementary school at Sussex Christian School.



Mrs. Sherry Cowper

Mrs. Cowper has a B.Sc. in Christian School Education and has been teaching since 1993. In her time at SCS, Mrs. Cowper has taught at a variety of levels from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 4. Currently she is teaching all Math classes from Grades 3 to 7, as well as Grade 12 Pre-Calculus. Mrs. Cowper also leads the after school program for Kindergarten to Grade 2. Both of her children are currently enrolled at SCS.


French and Physical Education:

Mrs. Carrie Herkner

Mrs. Herkner has a BA and BEd, as well as French Proficiency certification. She formerly lived in the Moncton area where she had experience working in a Montessori School setting. Mrs. Herkner has taken on a wide responsibility at SCS with both the French and Phys. Ed programs up to Grade 10. She also serves as the school’s Athletic Director, giving leadership to the extra-curricular sports programs that are offered at SCS.



Mrs. Susan Hicks-Canrinus

Mrs. Hicks-Canrinus brings more than 20 years of teaching experience from a variety of settings including private lessons, public elementary classrooms and college level music programs. We are pleased to have her give leadership to the elementary music program offered at Sussex Christian School.



Mr. Preston Mowry

Mr. Mowry is a graduate of NBBI. He is a former youth pastor and currently a senior pastor in the area. He has taught computer at the Junior High level in the past. It is a pleasure to have him as part of the SCS staff to teach the high school computer course. Mr. Mowry has one daughter who attends elementary school at SCS.



Featured Article


Saturday, March 29th


Three events all under one roof!


This event supports the annual high school trip. This year approximately 30 students from grades 9-12 will be part of this tour, which will include a visit to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, a tour of Washington DC, a visit to the Smithsonian Museum, and a viewing of Cinderella on Broadway.


A number of fundraisers are carried out throughout the year for this trip. The single largest is this Saturday event:


BIG Breakfast

8:00 am to 10:30 am

Sussex Wesleyan Foyer

Bacon & Eggs, Toast & Pancakes

Coffee & Juice

$6.50 per person


We wish to thank Mrs. Dunster’s for providing bread for the breakfast!


GIANT Yard Sale

8:00 am to 12 noon

SCS gymnasium

Many Families! Dozens of tables! Lots of variety!


Silent Auction

8:00 am to 10:45 am

SCS Gymnasium

A variety of items donated including:

Homemade child’s hat and teddy bear

Cosmetic collection and tote bag from Shoppers Drug Mart

A & W Mugs

Dairy Queen Soft Serve Cake

Journal, Hot Chocolate, and Dip Mix from Connie’s Collectables

Fireworks from Sussex Rite-Stop

Compact Disc player from Moffett’s Hardware

Guitar tuner from Backstage Music

Cheese/ serving tray from Lawton’s

Toy tractor from John Deere

Panini Grill from Sussex Super Store

Vehicle Inspection from General Auto

Vehicle Inspections (4) from Comprehensive Auto Repair

Oil change and Car Wash Kit from Kia Motors

Paint from Home Hardware

Kitchen Cleaner from Lounsbury’s

Sweat Shirt and T-shirt from Sussex Tire

Quartz trivet from Take it for Granite

Windshield Wash from CarQuest

Brownie Mix and Rice Flour from “Thrive”

Tupperware variety from “Tupper Tess”

Bamboo Serving Tray from Pampered Chef

Folding Mechanic’s “Creeper”, Laser Level, and BBQ cover from Jake of All Trades

Tim Horton’s Coffee and mugs

Black’s Embroidery sweater

Table top Foosball game

Nerf Gun

“Egg & Muffin” toaster


Gift Certificates from:

Pizza Delight


Fairway Inn/ JJs Diner

Taste & See

Jake of All Trades


Robinson Exteriors

Source for Sports




Come join the fun!

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Providing Strong Foundations For Directed Futures.